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Solar Panel Technology

Renee Said:

what is solar panel technology?

We Answered:

not an expert on this so best to have a look at this

Alvin Said:

Solar panel? with different technology, which one is the most promising and cost effective?

We Answered:

What is the different technology that you are talking about? Without knowing what you are comparing solar to will be difficult.

Disregarding the "different technology" the use of solar panels is very promising and can be quite cost effective. First off, if the solar panel is located in the ideal location (perfect sun, no obstructions, etc) it can provide a completely renewable source of energy for the life of the panel and equipment. (usually 20-30 years). Secondly, there are government incentives and more often than not subsidies from local utility companies that further reduce solar's initial costs. Last but not least, with the ever increasing popularity of solar energy the high initial costs will be driven that much lower...and that more than anything will make it more cost effective. (especially when the price of oil, natural gas, etc continually increases)

When and if you get serious about the purchase of solar panels, be sure to check out a company called Sun Electronics. They supplied the solar systems for a large retro fit for my Uncle's house in the Florida Keys, a project for my In Laws outside of Chicago, and my brothers boat in the Caribbean. Everybody really likes their product, and got great prices.

Good Luck

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