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Solar Panel System

Donna Said:

Solar Panel System at Harbor Freight?

We Answered:

i wouldn't.
- harbor freight isn't known for the best quality stuff.
- 75 watts assumes roof mounting, at 90 degrees to the sun, on a bright day. you're going to get considerably less. and only when the sun is highest in the sky.

maybe you should look at, your computer, for example.
if you're using it for 4 hours, and it has a 500 watt power supply, and you add 200-500 watts for the monitor, and some for the printer, modem, etc, you'd use 5kw that day.

your 75 watt panel, generating maybe 50 watts at most, for maybe 4 hours when the sun was highest, and shining directly on the panel, would generate 200 watt hours. it would take 25 days to generate the electricity you'd use in 1 single day.

in the winter, you'd be pretty much out of luck. there just isn't enough bright sun.

clearly, it's up to you, but there's a harbor freight near me, and i'll not be rushing out to get such a system.

further, most appliances are quite voltage sensitive. you really do need to have the voltage in the 110-120 range. too much out, either higher or lower, will shorten the life of appliances at best.

Alexander Said:

How much would it cost for a Solar Panel System in Columbus, Ohio?

We Answered:

Systems costing $15,000 to $25,000+, properly designed and installed are available and effective for basic household needs. Solar technology is reliable, affordable and flexible to your specific needs. Identify your needs and contact a local professional installer. Rebates, tax incentives, financing, etc may be available in your area.

Melvin Said:

If I use 1,500kWH per month and am looking at a solar panel system generating 3.5kW, will I generate enough?

We Answered:

First convert kW-hour to kW, and for that you need the number of hours in a month

1,500kWH/month x 1 day/24 hours x 1 month/30 days = 2.1 kW
Which is less than 3.5 kW. But the panel will only generate that 3.5 kW for a number of hours in that month. Get or guess at that number. Say it's 180 hours (6 hours per day average), then your 3.5 kW goes down by a factor of 4 to 0.9 kW, so you are off by a factor of 2.

Don't forget you need a huge storage system, sometimes the major cost, unless you buy and sell power to the power company to get you over the peaks and valleys.


Brenda Said:

What do you think of this solar panel system?

We Answered:

To start with do not do what he shows in the video it will burn your home down and could blow up very easy.

In the Video he is pumping hot air from the dryer into the battery box. That will over heat the battery and could cause what is called a thermal runaway which means it will blow up big time. Plus the fumes from the battery goes up not down and will go into the dryer putting acid on the inside of the dryer. This is bad for the people who wear the clothing and a spark from the dryer could cause the flumes to flame on. Good way to burn down your home.

However it is a great little system to learn with. I feel he may learn the hard way.

The guy has a nice little setup which looks to be a 12 volt DC system and did not have an inverter for 120 volts which it would be too small to handle anyway.

45 watts is not very much. You could not run real lights from it for very long at all or a small fan or a tv set. It just is not big enough for nothing more then what he is using it for. A couple of 5 watt DC bulbs during a black out is about it.
I feel his battery will go bad pretty soon because 45 watts in solar modules would only be able to charge correctly a small battery. Maybe a 40 amp hour battery at most which is about a third the size of a car battery.

The unit will maintain car battery is about all. To charge a battery you have to have enough amps to make the water bubble. 45 watts is just not enough unless it is a small battery.

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