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Virginia Said:

New South African solar panels?

We Answered:

Well that is an interesting article. I could not find much on the break through on other searches through. No hard answers on production, sources, availability and costs.

It looks like you are jumping the gun since these panels have not gone into production.

You have the same question I have, how much and where can you buy them.

My suggestion is wait and see. Even if these panels are a real break through in price and efficiency, there is still the old problem of storage and conversation to usable 110AC.

Keep looking. I think this might be a good thing. It would be really cool to mount a 30x30 panel on your roof and have all the electricity you need. I'd be happy.

Dawn Said:

What is the cheapest solar panel ?

We Answered:

As good a quality as the Chinese products are (nowadays) they may not actually be the cheapest. I'd suggest taking a look at Froogle. You may also find that older panels are cheaper than new ones. However, the newer ones are going to be a lot more efficient. There's ongoing work into solar voltaics and it's getting better (more efficient) by the day. One day we should all have panels on our roof tops.

Raymond Said:

Solar Powered Swimming Pools?

We Answered:

As was answered before there are a lot of factors, I have seen set ups where there was no batteries and thereby very little maintenance but then again if you go out and use the pool quite a bit after sundown I don't know if this would be for you. below is a site with some examples and walk thrus for solar pool heating hope they help

Gerald Said:

can we produce enough electrical energy for a water motor if so how to convert that into electrical energy?

We Answered:

The most simplest solution to ur problem is to use motors which makes diesel as fuel.Because to create solar panel is more expensive than the cost of motor

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