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Solar Panel Projects

Phillip Said:

Help with solar panel science project?

We Answered:

The easiest way to connect a cell phone to a solar charger would be to use a 12VDC car charging adapter and wire to a 12VDC Solar panel.

You can use a cigarette lighter socket to plug the cell phone adapter into, use a Y splitter forund at Radio Shack and cut off one of the sockets and wire it to the Solar Panel.…

Cheap Solar panels and be found at…

To get full output voltage you will need bright and direct sunlight.

To be honest you would be better off just showing that some power is being produced using a Volt meter and/or lighting an LED. You might be able to get a very small motor to turn, a tiny cooling fan such as this one only draws 70mA…

A 12VDC solar panel won't work well indoors in a science fair even if you illuminate it with a flood light. However it will work well enought to generate several volts under such conditions.

I would use a Volt meter to measure the Voltage generated and then see what effect shading , orientation and types of light have on the amount of voltage generated. Collect that data and plot on a graph.


Want to make automated voltage readings using a PC? Connect a Solar cell to a DataLogger and record voltage every few seconds automatically.

DATAQ offers their starter DAQ to students for free upon registering your Science Fair project with them.……

Theresa Said:

How much secondary voltage will I have from my solar panel?

We Answered:

Depends on the brightness of the sun. And of course the panel used.

Kay Said:

What items can I use to make a simple solar panel project?

We Answered:

The simplest solar panel is for hot water. You can make one from common everyday items like black tubing, glass, aluminum foil and cardboard or wood. Below are some ideas that might help.

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instagram viewer said:

I could selfmade solar panel is for hot water? I have never heard about it! Gonna search for it.