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Most Efficient Solar Panels

Barbara Said:

Nuclear Power Vs. Windmills, Which is Better?

We Answered:

Generally speaking wind is much better.

It's cheaper, 100% clean after construction, and completely renewable.

Nuclear is pretty clean, but still requires uranium mining. Additionally, you have to find a disposal method for the nuclear waste, you need qualified and experienced nuclear engineers to run the facility, and uranium is a non-renewable resource.

The benefit of nuclear is that one plant can provide a lot of power, and whenever it's needed, whereas windmills are dependent on the wind speed. Overall, wind power clearly has more pros, but we do still need some nuclear power to provide the base load.

Terrence Said:

Shouldn't our President reinstall solar panels on the White House?

We Answered:

Bush should, but he will not. I saw a picture of him in Yahoo news Monday, of him waving to reporters from behind the TRIPLE 275 horsepower engines of his boat. What is this guy doing, running drugs?

Bush will never put solar panels on the White House, because not only is he an oil baron, like his VP Cheney, but he feels that snipers, and anti-aircraft guns would suit him better.

When he goes around in his motorcade, they drive the least fuel efficient models made. He is a good example of what people should NOT do.

Leroy Said:

what is the most energy efficient industrial air conditioning / control unit?

We Answered:

I work in a LEED building in CA, we have an evaporative cooling system. It seems to work very well.

Geothermal is also a great option. A few feet underground it stays a constant temperature, I think around 54 degrees, so all you need is a set of pipes, vents and a fan to circulate the air.

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I think around 54 degrees, so all you need is a set of pipes, vents and a fan to circulate the air.

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