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German Solar Panels

Roland Said:

Why don't we do what Germany does about energy?

We Answered:

... I heard Hartmann talking about that on the radio. Yes, that's exactly what we should do. It would be a lot cheaper than invading Iraq and Afghanistan. We could have been miles ahead of where we are. Many countries are way ahead of us. It's because our officials are all bought off by the oil companies.

Hartmann's friend is making all his own electricity, plus the power company pays him $100/month. We should be doing that, and charging up our own electric cars. We need to cut our need for oil way down -- save it for plastics.

Alberto Said:

Economic advantage of H2 liq. For vehicles and power generation?

We Answered:

Yes if you can produce H2 by electrolysis from solar panels, that seems good, but is it possible on the scale required?.

Rather than compressing the by product (O2), and putting it into another bulky tank in the car (incidentally liquid O2 is probably more dangerous to carry around than the liquid H2), the atmosphere is used as the storage tank for the O2. The gassed off O2 goes into the atmosphere, and is then taken in from the atmosphere in the car's inlet manifold.

It is safer and less weight and bulk to carry around by using the atmosphere as the storage tank for O2.

If the H2 can be economically and practically generated by electrolysis of water, then I'm with you on using it in preference to oil/gas from underground.

Randall Said:

Global warming - there is a big proyect running?

We Answered:

Good idea, Hans. Just think what it could do if everyone turned off everything for 10 minutes at anytime each day!

Jordan Said:

Should we have listened to Jimmy Carter and tried to lessen our dependence of oil and move toward more?

We Answered:

Ethanol costs more than twice what gasoline does and causes food prices to rise because there being depleted for fuel. What we should do is tap our own vast resources of oil which is several times that of the middle east. Solar panels are a joke at best they are a supplemental energy source.

Wanda Said:

Where is an entrepreneur who will import solar powered motor bikes to SA?

We Answered:

I read an article some time ago that compared the price of the solar panels and the power saving over the life of the panels. It financially balanced out. But the obvious advantages are to the environment.

I believe the panels only last between 8-10 years.

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