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Free Solar Panels From The Government

Violet Said:

can anyone help me to summarize this because i summarize it but i did low marks?

We Answered:

WOW.... nope:( too much reading!

Dorothy Said:

why do people still pay for electric?

We Answered:

A variety of reasons. Inertia is one, but there are others. The initial cost of solar panels is high. Many Americans are poor savers and don't have the money for the initial outlay ( I am both an American and a poor saver). Solar panels also break and must be replaced. Broken solar panels are hard to dispose of and are not particularly good for the environment. As technology improves, the product gets better and the price drops, which will lead more people to solar.

Another factor is that energy was until recently fairly cheap. As natural gas, oil, coal, etc get more expensive, solar looks cheaper by comparison. Telling people to pay more for something to save the environment has not been so persuasive on past generations.

Similarly, only recently has vegatable oil become cheap enough in comparison to gas to make it worth it for use as fuel. If everyone used vegatable oil now, vegatable oil demand would increase and cause the price of vegatable oil to increase. Vegatable oil doesn't come in unlimited supply either - and food stores are beginning to fall around the world. Which means maybe you don't want to drive instead of eat.

New eco friendly housing measures will no doubt become more and more popular as people work the kinks out and everyone gets used to the idea. For a lot of people, it comes down to
1) what do I think is pretty?
2) is everyone going to laugh at me?
3) is my roof full of dirt going to cause a lot of expensive (or dangerous?) problems that I didn't see coming?
4) does it cost more?

That's about it. I think eventually things will change, but slowly. You can't make other people change - you can only do a better job yourself and try to get others to notice.

If it's important enough to you, you can find ways to do it. Don't get discouraged. Good luck on getting your own eco pad.

Dorothy Said:

What do you think of my idea for a new government?

We Answered:

With the exception of alcohol, and pot, and your willingness to accept and encourage free-market capitalism, it seems fairly good, especially from an environmental standpoint.

Catherine Said:

How would you market the free energy produced by our sun?

We Answered:

Perpetual motion is possible which doesn't violate the laws of thermodynamics(? for anyone). Perhaps the Gov't of the US already knows this in secret? Maybe. Maybe not. That's actually good if they don't.

Nuclear power on some of those satellites you mentioned.

I know where you are getting at though. I am with you man! Free energy is awesome stuff. The world needs it now more than ever. Overunity physics and overunity gain. Sunlight is not 'cause', it is 'effect'.

Willard Said:

Does the US government want to destroy you? do you agree?

We Answered:

No,they just don't know what the hell they are doing!

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lisa mcleod said:

I want to find out about getting solar panels with gov't help and everywhere is asking for 30 bux to give info.... I'm disabled and this would help me and others.... how can I find free help for this for free and I know they are out there....