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China Solar Panels

Edith Said:

Where can i find a list of solar panel manufactures worldwide?

We Answered:

Actually Ofir, it is much easier and less expensive than you might believe. What you need is a magazine, like, "Solar Today." There is only one that I am familiar with that gets into the nuts and bolts of solar panel manufacturers, installation, and other types of renewable energy. It's called, "Home Power Magazine." We have a home that has been powered by the wind and sun for the last 10 years or so, and most of our initial information came from Home Power, and afterward, from many of the sources that they have in their articles. Every few issures, they take an item connected to renewable energy, such as an inverter, wind turbine, water turbine, or solar panel, and list all the different models that are available. They are broken down by manufacturer, and include specifications like power output, range of voltages, efficiency, materials, and even where they are manufactured. If you subscribe online for one year, the cost is around $25 USD, you will have access to all the previous issues that are archived on their website. You can use their search engine to locate an article listing all the solar panels, they did one a year or so ago with all the information you are looking for.

Despite what you might be hearing, solar power usage is growing at an incredible rate. In the US alone, there are over 100,000 homes and businesses operating some level of solar power right now, that's good news. As far as different countries using different requirements, most all of the manufacturers today are selling their products to most countries worldwide, they are designed to meet requirements for almost anyplace you might use them. Check the magazine out today, you might learn more than you were originally looking for. I will include their link below, and some other good sources for information. You can google any one of them to find their website. Good luck, and take care...Rudydoo

Dan Said:

My solar control panel is made in china and the out put is 12v can it power a socket outlet?

We Answered:

By socket outlet are you referring to a standard house outlet? If so, the answer is NO. This is 12V DC and you need 120V AC. You could power an inverter, but the current level would be too low to do much with it.

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