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Batteries For Solar Panels

Nelson Said:

12vdc solar panels + batteries = Help?

We Answered:

here is the real answer have you run out of power?
are you off the grid?
remember that the amp hr is an average you will not get the solar production every day.
some days will be more (summer) some will be less (winter or cloudy). that is the simple answer.
next have you figured out the loss from your in your charge system.
you are most efficient to use power as you produce it. When you charge a battery it is very inefficient. dependent on the battery and the charge system the current in the charge system you CAN produce a lot of heat this is energy loss.
question is do you Always want to have all or your power from solar?
next questio is how can you get the most out of the pannels you have winter you may have to reflect light onto the panel to get the most out of the pannel. for cheaper money.
best answer is start understand by tracking use and collection and grow your sytem to what you need- get creative use the pannel for all it is worth.
so live learn and have a back up sysem every day is not sunny
If this is true you must base it off your worst days.
you will build 4x the SYSTEM you will need fo your worst day, in the summer to make sure you have enough in the winter.

Brandon Said:

What batteries and solar panels need to power my gate opener?

We Answered:

Well, the purchase that you're making (using solar power) is a great economical purchase.
You've answered your own question though - all you have to do is get two 12 volt batteries (you can buy these at almost any store) and two 12 volt solar panels (you can find these at almost any home/hardware store, like Home Depot, Lowes, and I've even seen a few at Wal-Mart.

Darlene Said:

how do you set up batteries for solar panels?

We Answered:

Yes, that's the type of panel from Harbor Freight, Northern Tool, or a number of other suppliers, if I'm not mistaken.

The panels are fairly low output, actually, so the optimum connection is direct to the battery. Take the black wires from 3 panels, and connect them all to the - of one of your batteries. Take all the red wires from the same panels, and connect them to the + side of the battery.

The other battery is wired the same way.

Be aware that it will probably take days, maybe a week, to charge each battery.

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