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1kw Solar Panel

Vivian Said:

How hard is it to generate about 10 - 20 watts renewably?

We Answered:

There is a new type of External WIFI Antena at the CCRANE company that runs off a USB PORT EXCELLENT for WIFI super gain...for long distance access...Check it out..
Start up load is usually DOUBLE the wattage for some electrical devices....2 6volt batteries and a 15 watt solar panel should give you an easy 8hours of computing...MOST Modified sine wave inverters DO NOT like the load a charging computer puts on them...especially at start up..its not uncommon to get an ALARM
as the voltage requirements go up..
If it was me a deepcycle 12 volt battery...89.00 a 400watt inverter
36.00 and a 15watt solar panel..150.00 and your on the way to Solar computing..JUST A NOTE on ANY Battery powered system...if you dont use a deep cycle battery...dont go below 50%
DOD depth of discharge it will make the battery last longer.

Stephen Said:

A 1.8Kw Wind Turbine and a 1kw Solar Panel what could that run?

We Answered:

Average power consumption for a US house is 1.2kW. But that is average, and it's higher during the day, higher in the summer, and higher for a larger house. If you have electric heat, it's even higher.

Look at your electric bills to find out your power consumption. Check over a year period.

2.8kW will, as I said, power most homes totally, as long as the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. The sun has to be shining directly on the entire panel, the rays perpendicular to the panel, for full (or close to it) output. Even a little shade can reduce output a lot.

Are you sure you have enough direct sun hours per day, and enough average wind to make these worthwhile?

you will need permission of your zoning board to install the wind turbine, and possibly the solar array. If you want to sell power back to the power company, you need their permission, (and many companies will not do this) and their equipment (or approval) for the connection to the grid.

If you don't do the power company hookup, you will need lots of batteries, a charge controller, and an inverter, all expensive.

good luck, contact me if you need more help.


Roy Said:

how much 12v ah do I need to make 115v 1 kw?

We Answered:

Take some time looking over The Lead-Acid Battery Guide For Stand-Alone Photo-voltaic Systems put out by the International Energy Agency and free on the web at : It will help you to learn the basics of sizing your system to achieve your goal. Page 17 of this guide will explain How To Size The Battery For Certain System Loads. This guide explains the concepts in easy to understand language and illustrations .Good luck with your project !

Gregory Said:

When I read that solar systems only transforms %5-%15 of sunlight energy to actual energy!?

We Answered:

This is already calculated in to the size of the collector. A 10% collector that is rated at 100w is being hit with 1000w of light. But here is the key thing you need to think of. Not all locations get hit with the same amount of light. The earth is a curved surface and depending on where you live you will either get more or less light per hour. Some locations also have more clouds than others and clouds change the amount of power generated by a more than you might think. There are websites that will give you numbers for major cities. Some cities get little sun energy which would greatly change the amount of your power. So you might have a 100w cell but because of clouds and your position on the earth you might only be able to get a fraction of that over time.

Jorge Said:

Solar Panels, 1kw per hour or day ?

We Answered:

1 kW is the unit of measurement used. 1 kWh means you have 1 kW steady for an entire hour. In the case of solar panels, say you are using 100W panels. That means at any given time assuming ample sunlight is hitting the panel, it is producing 100W.

You wanted a kW so you will need ten panels at 100W (less or more depending on the rating of the panel) this will give you 1kW. That means at any given time you can get as many watts as needed up to 1kW (1000W). Say the sun hits the panels for eight hours a day, you will have 1kWh each of those eight hours, or 8kWh per day. Unless you have a system of batteries to capture unused power, you will only be able to use up to 1kW (1000W) at any given time, any unused power will be wasted.

Solar panels alone are not like a generator, they do not slow down or speed up depending on demand. Even with no load on them, they will produce as much power as they are able, and without batteries that power is lost.

To simply answer your question, if you get a 1kW system, that means 1kW per hour.

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Mohammed Yousuf said:

I want o know how much cost for 1kw home solar lighting

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We are planning to construct a solar panel for our home and office. Both are in the same area and we work more as a home office. I have no idea how we should calculate the solar watts to be generated for both the home and office. Please help.

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