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Solar Light Post

Velma Said:

what religion holds these beliefs? (a friend asked me to post this for her)?

We Answered:

Wow. That was basically reading my own personal spiritualism.

To answer the actual question, that sounds a lot like Shamanism, potentially Buddhism. Both agree with number 1. Shamanism tends to recognize that all gods are shaped by the cultures to whom they belong, and therefore simply all aspects of the greater whole, the Great Spirit/Source/One/whatever. Buddhism tends not to hold to gods, but rather to ideals, not proving or disproving either because the question is moot. Both are firm on 3 and 4; and though both hold to 5, Buddhism actually takes it as law, all life being thusly sacred (including mosquitoes), where Shamanism goes more the route of do-what-is-necessary-to-survive-in-harmo…

They both follow 6, 7, and 8. Shamanism is a little more forgiving for 9 but it applies to both, and 10 applies more to Shamanism, although Buddhists don't go around prosletyzing.

Vivian Said:

The solar system is a galaxy or not?

We Answered:

I really want to know what country you're speaking about!

A galaxy is a massive cluster of stars orbiting around a super-massive black hole. Our sun is only one of these stars and cannot under any circumstances be classed as its own separate galaxy.

Our sun is definitely not the biggest star in our galaxy either. There are thousands of stars bigger than our own and thousand smaller as well.

And you don't need to worry about 'interstellar travel'. It won't happen in any of our lifetimes, if at all.

Edward Said:

Pokemon Soul Silver - Competitive Team ratings (Post Elite Four)?

We Answered:

You should keep ALL of Kingdra's moves physical, because that's what Dragon Dance+ Naughty nature benefits.
The Naughty natured Kingdra moveset doesn't have Dragon Dance, instead it has Rain Dance to speed it up with it's Swift Swim Ability. What I like to do is keep all the moves either Physical or Special.

Also to one of your notes about Legendary Pokemon, it's ok to use them and you don't have to use a whole team or anything, just one. In PBR, my whole team is EV trained, but I keep EV trained Lugia and Kyogre in there just in case there's Legendary users who don't know how battle with them or raise them.
Also, we should battle one day, on Wi-fi. I really want an EV trainer to battle against. It's so boring battling against people on PBR who don't know how to ACTUALLY raise Pokemon.

Shannon Said:

Which one of these decks are better ( Post, Sep 2010 Banlist )?

We Answered:

The GB is much better, they're going to be good this format. Just I suggest running a Respite build, take out the Proving Grounds and both Wabokus for 3 Respites and a Torrential.

Joel Said:

Can you shed some light on this creationist claim?

We Answered:

30,000 years ago? Holy Ratspit! That's yesterday in Geological time! The moon was formed when some really big thing hit the Earth and tore off a hunk that has been receding since.

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