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Solar Light Parts

Leon Said:

Does anyone know the website for Noma or Nova?They make lights and solar lights any help would be appreciated.

We Answered:

There's a Wiki about Noma lights here:…
Hmmm. That won't help because the original Noma company went bankrupt in 1967...

Two separate Noma companies in the UK are:…


If you're in Canada, Canadian Tire and possibly Home Hardware carries them.

We have some Noma Moonray lights here where I live and, quite frankly, these aren't really designed to be repaired all that easily. Just replaced.
And I had a Noma extension cord that shorted out the first time I plugged a power tool in it. I was 40 miles away from a hardware store at the time, but managed to do a work-around and get the job done, but you can understand why I'm not likely to buy Noma products.

Bernard Said:

there can i get dc solar panels for out side lights?

We Answered:

They make lights that have solar panels built into them. Due to the solar cell, they can sense when it gets dark and thus switch on the light automatically. Look at Northern Tool or Harbor Freight web sites for ideas.

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Rhonda said:

Where can i get solar light spike replacements. They make them with plastic that breaks easily.

Frank said:

There was a co think it was in calf that you could buy almost any thing for outdoor solar light, but can't seem to find out what happen to them. The co name was Smart industries, maybe some one can tells us both where they went. If anybody knows please let me know at dodot@comcast,net

Doris said:

The solar light in a ball has gotten wet. I need to replace it but I don't know where to get one or if I can replace it. It was a gift so I don't know the manufacturer.Help. Thanks

Mary Lou said:

I replaced my plastic stakes with PVC pipe-doesn't break. Painted them black to match my lights. Just measure the diameter and get ones about 6 inches. They work GREAT!!

more here said:

The different parts of the solar lights are some valuable information. It should help me while installing the solar light on my house premises. It is the right time to set up such lights as I am forced to pay high energy bills that keep on rising after a period.

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Solar Light Parts

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Thomas said:

If anybody knows where I can get solar light spike replacements please let me know... Thank you in advance!

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