Solar Lamp Post

Esther Said:

where can i find solar lamp posts?

We Answered:

Walmart, local hardware stores.

Stephanie Said:

A muslim asked if I could find ANY scientific inaccuracies in the quran. Is there enough room?

We Answered:

There is no scientific inaccuracies in the quran. However, you can ask one question at a time.

Regarding your first one, you have alleged that the Quran in 12/4 says "eleven planets". While the Quran says "eleven stars" there.

This is plain commonsense that at the time of Jacob and Joseph, humans didn't know a planet thing. So it was no way appropriate to show planets in the dream in order to communicate something in symbolic form. Also do not forget that Joseph saw that dream when he was a kid.

Plus it was a dream. Is it ever necessary to show the exact number of stars, planets, trees, mountains, oceans, and the like in a dream .... to say something symbolically?

The real problem is not the contradictions in the Quran but your Arrogance on knowledge of Science and Logic.

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