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Solar Energy Light

Kelly Said:

What kind of metal that solar light will earn the energy?

We Answered:

I have to guess what your question means, sorry. :)

Aluminum foil makes a very good reflector for concentrating heat. It is not as durable as other metals but reflects better.

Barbara Said:

what is solar energy,light energy, electrical .energy,sound energy,chemical energy,nuclear energy,atomic ene?

We Answered:

Solar Energy: All kind of energy (Wide range of EM Waves) coming out of Sun.

Light Energy: The EM Wave, which falls in visible range.

Electrical Energy: The electrical form (Batteries, Mains Power Supply, Lightening) of energy. I mean, where the energy is experienced due to flow of charges.

Sound Energy: A energy which lies within audible range (20-20kHz), and can travel freely in air.

Chemical Energy: A chemical process which can generate other usable form of energy.

Nuclear/Atomic Energy: A nuclear/atomic reaction process which can generate other usable form of energy.

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