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Carmen Said:

Outdoor Security Light Question?

We Answered:

It is possible that the bulg is burned. I would check voltages at every point: supply, switch, the light fixture to make sure the path is in tact.

Grace Said:

Can you ground an outdoor security light with just a wire connected to the ground screw in an electrical box?

We Answered:

It sounds like you are asking if the ground screw in the box you are attaching this fixture to will be an adequate ground for the fixture.

If that ground screw is connected to the ground bus in the panel, yes. Otherwise, no.

There needs to be a ground wire from the ground bus in the panel to that new junction box, which should be grounded, and then to the new fixture.

I disagree with the writer who said you should bond the neutral to the ground in that panel in your garage. If it is not bonded now, don't change that. If it is a subpanel, ground and neutral should not be bonded. They are ONLY bonded at the main panel/main disconnect, per 1990s electrical code. (that is why stoves and dryers now have four prongs; there is a seperate ground)

While this will probably make the fixture work, it will introduce other problems that are gradually being eliminated in the US; it definitely will NOT pass inspection.

Florence Said:

My outdoor security light will not work every night?

We Answered:

try cleaning the sensor.and redirect it.good luck.

Beatrice Said:

i need help with an eml series e 100 outdoor lighting? i have no idea how to program it.?

We Answered:

When you switch to test your light will turn on only if the light unit is in the dark.
Sensitive setting is the range the sensor will respond by turning on light
There should also be a switch to set 5 10 30 number of minutes you want your unit to turn on for
Keep in mind this lighting unit does not work unless it is dark enough to consider it to be dusk
Dusk means will turn off when it is light enough to consider it to be dusk

Elaine Said:

Outdoor security lighting?

We Answered:

I just did a quick web search for you and found a motion detector light that plugs in...…

You might be able to get something similar at a local hardware store. Just print out the image and bring it in to them.

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