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The Solar House

Shannon Said:

How much will solar increase the value of my house?

We Answered:

At the moment, maybe only 10% of potential house buyers will actually care and/or appreciate (and are willing to pay for) what you did. The rest is still suspicious about this modern stuff which no "normal" electrician understands anyway.
This is if you want to sell within the next 2 years.
If you sell much later, then - the way things are developing - the system you bought now may be quite outdated = again not much appreciation.
Sad but true. I agree wait for prices to come down further, but that's the vicious cycle: We all wait = not much demand = manufacturing costs remain high = we wait....

Luis Said:

In a passive solar house, heat?

We Answered:

Learn your lesson, it should be easier after, trust me !

Sam Said:

What is solar house?

We Answered:

Uses sun to either heat water or create electricity on photo-volt cells. A roof is mainly required. i.e. if you live in flats you're screwed.
Solar power saves energy being produced by fossil fuels and is less polluting.

Ann Said:

Average cost for 100 amp house solar system, materials and installation?

We Answered:

Look at your electric bill and see how many kwh you use a month, they usually give you a year's data. It may vary greatly based on heating and cooling requirements. To determine how big of a solar system you would need, enter the average monthly number into a calculator like this… Remember that most people do not generate 100% of their needs, they just offset a percentage based on their budget.

Before you consider solar, you should look at energy efficiency first. For every $1 you spend on conservation, that's about $4 less you need to spend on solar.

You should also consider solar water heating. About 25% of your energy use is for heating water. Depending on where you are and how many people are in your household, you could provide 75% of your hot water for about $6000. There are tax incentives available that could pay for up to half of that. You could potentially pay for it in 4 - 5 years.

Do not be fooled by the ads to make your own solar panel for $200. You will not be allowed to connect them to the electric grid.

Victor Said:

Why would Ameren help fund a solar house design team? Doesnt this sort of thing mean less $ for the Co.?

We Answered:

Once the solar technology comes out, they can charge people to get solar power.

Claire Said:

A solar house.... Wouldn't the sun flip sides?

We Answered:

Think about where you live now. Isn't there a part of the building that's in the shade 90% of the time? You would angle your roof or panels towards the opposite side.

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