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Solar Systems For Homes

Pearl Said:

Is leasing a solar panel a good idea?

We Answered:

It coould or could not be a good deal.

I think you may be a little misled as to how it works. What they will usually do is sell you the energy at a fixed rate, that is $x per kWh. And they install a special meter to monitor how much they generate. That's the most fair arrangement, because if the better their system performs, the more money they make.

If they will charge a fixed amount each month, be sure that the contract includes a performance guarantee that their system will generate at least a certain amount of energy per year. Otherwise, if their system breaks, why should they fix it? They've got you paying $100 a month for the next 20 years no matter what.

Such an arrangement will reduce your electricity bill, but the bill will still be more than just the fixed payment to the solar company. SCE or whoever you're with will still charge a fee to keep you connected to the grid, even if you use a net zero electricity. And if you use more than the solar system provides, they will bill you for that, too. For example, let's say your usage is 1000 kWh a month right now, and pay $100 for that. The solar company installs a system that will, on average, supply 1000 kWh a month. But then you say Okay! Let's turn on the A/C all summer long and run electric heaters in the winter! Your usage goes up to 1500 kWh a month. You will pay the solar company $100, and the electric company will bill you for the other 500 kWh.

It could still be a good deal, especially if you don't have the cash up-front to buy a system, but just be aware of the details.

Marvin Said:

Is any body know,how many manufacturing company start solar panel making in silicon valley ca?

We Answered:

Sorry, I don't understand the question.
Are you asking how many companies in the Silicon Valley manufacture solar systems or how many start-up companies are manufacturing? Please clarify

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