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Solar System For House

Tara Said:

a solar system to heat water for house and pool....what do they cost?

We Answered:

depends on what you is a link...

Glen Said:

How Do I Make My Own Solar System For My House?

We Answered:

i found this site it my help and the first thing you want to do is check you local codes for something like this when you gonna do it your self cuz some may not permit this and some states will give you tax credits if it is done by a pro but check this it out and see if it helps:…

Tim Said:

How do you make a solar system model with house hold products?

We Answered:

well, look for a couple of sticks, then, either use clay or if u have a type of foam or cottonball or something like that label them with planet names and use some glue of course to stick it together. THere u have it but if u want to win first prize then shop at michael's.

Samantha Said:

how to set up solar power system for a house with minimal appliances?

We Answered:


Gwendolyn Said:

can a licensed electrician install a solar system for my house or do i absolutely need a solar pro?

We Answered:

you definetely need a solar systems installer. my step father got his whole house solar powered. first he had just an elictrician to install it. it got f#%^ed up! got a solar pro. no more problemes.......

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