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Solar System For Home Electricity

Jane Said:

Electronic residential water flow monitoring..water metering?

We Answered:

You are wasting good time and money but the sensor below would do the job.

Denise Said:

Why do we use electricity?

We Answered:

Let me put it this way.

There's an oil-fired plant about twenty miles away from me. They burn oil. Obviously. Let's say that all they're doing is burning oil, and not turning generators.

Great. How are they going to deliver that energy to me, which incidentally is only thermal energy, and the things that I need to do rarely require thermal energy, unless I'm trying to make toast.

I can't walk around my house with a 120 V kerosene lamp and run my telephone, or TV, microwave, computer, pump that forces water through my filter system, light bulbs... electricity can be transformed into a number of types of energy. Mechanical, thermal, electrical, potential, chemical (if you could a battery)... it's just a really good form in which to use energy.

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Mark said:

I think most of us do not recognize electricity as something super important. It just... is. Living without it would be impossible in some places and would reduce the comfort of life drastically. Thank God we're living in such peaceful and great times!

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