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Solar Power Kits

Robert Said:

Does anyone know about solar power?

We Answered:

The 60 watts is probably overstated, but let's assume it's correct. At 12 volts, that's 5 amps. Generally, we try to charge a lead-acid battery at 5% of capacity, or at least 3%. That means a 12 volt, 100 amp-hour battery.

You can find gel cells equivalent to this, or just use a single car battery (deep cycle marine battery is better).

Norman Said:

How to install solar powered speakers on boat?

We Answered:

here are basics on solar charging on a boat…

your idea is doable. my suggestion is to add boxes inside the storage area that will protect the backs of the speakers, that way you could still use the rest of the storage area for other items. the solar panel should be mounted so that it you can get into the storage area.

jon boat modification……

hope this helps

Rita Said:

Solar Powered Air Conditioner? Is it enough power?

We Answered:

a 100 watt solar panel will make 100 watts for every second that it has perfect angle and sunlight. On the average, there are only 5 hours of equivalent perfect sunlight per day. That means your 100 watt panel will make 500 watt-hours or .5 kw-hrs per day.

Your AC needs 1900 watts per hour and say it runs 24 hours per day, that means it needs 45,600 watt hours or 45.6 kw-hours. You would need 45.6/.5 91.2 of them panels to make it work. In the summer you might need 70 and in the winter 110 of them. Plus you'd need batteries, lots of batteries so that the panels would make energy when the sun shines and return it when the sun goes down you'd need to store 45.6 kw-hr of energy. Thats about 4000 amp hours at 12 volts Large batteries are about 100 amp hours, so you'd need 40 batteries.

Carolyn Said:

How do I convert my lamp post to solar?

We Answered:

contact us at thanks tommy

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