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Solar Power Installation

Dave Said:

does anyone know of the govt subsidy that's about 75% of installation costs of solar power and the criteria

We Answered:

Solarcom (Aust) - Guide to Solar Energy: SOLAR ASSIST

$8000 solar power subsidy for homes - Breaking News - National ...…

A recent study in America showed that insulating a home saves more energy than installing solar panels.

Solar panels require a large amount of energy to manufacture.

Also, this report generated by a University of California organization (that is extremely concerned about the environment) says that solar panels are not cost effective, ( even when the report doesn't take into account solar panels' decreasing efficiency as they age.)…

"Under the most likely scenario, the cost of a 10-kilowatt solar system would be three or four times as much as the electricity it'll produce, Borenstein found. And even using a more favorable set of criteria, the cost would still be as much as 80 percent more than the value of the electricity it will produce"

Benefits Of Solar Panels Questioned In Study
“None of the technologies for generating you own electricity make much sense. What you can do on an individual basis, is improve the efficiency with which you use electricity. And that means better insulation, that means replacing that 10-year-old fridge with one that uses a lot less power. It means making sure that you don’t have a lot of appliances that are unnecessarily draining power etcetera. Those are the things that people can do really do very easily to reduce their use of electricity.”…

Everett Said:

I want cost of installation for a 7 kw solar power system at Erode , Tamilnadu with supplier's address?

We Answered:

? Member Since 1 year National Controlling Equipment Industries - Solar Energy Products

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Nature of Business : Manufacturers / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers

Address : 65 Laxmi Vihar, Jandli, Ambala City, Haryana India

Willard Said:

What is the right setup to have solar lighting for the entire house to be installed?

We Answered:

There are alot of ways to do it and it depends on the size of house and if we are talking refit or new build.

2 main ways.

Wire 12 volts to all the devices, this will allow you to use cheaper regulators but will cause high power loss in large systems (probably not a concern for most houses but you never know)

Keep eveyrhting 120 V and use an Inverter to change the voltage from the panels to the normal 120V, run this to the existing house panel and either rewire the light circuits to go to the inverter or use a phase matching transformer to insert the power into the panel. (This saves you from needing batteries in the setup as exess power is simply fed back into the power grid saving you money by turning the meter backwards)

Kimberly Said:

Where can I purchase a solar power system schematic diagram drawing for regualr household installation?

We Answered:

The best resource i've found for solar installations are the manuals that backwoods solar produces, bar none.

Clarence Said:

I would like to install solar power for my home. Approximately how much will the installation cost me?

We Answered:

Based on Canadian dollars, it is estimated at $28,000, according to the Home Depot installation estimate. And given these numbers, it will take about 15 years until you actually start `making` money. See the website attached for a basic calculation that you can use to help estimate the breakdown of costs and when solar panels become profitable.

Larry Said:

Germany is the world leader on solar power - what % of it's power needs does it get from solar?

We Answered:

Well it seems to me that Germany must be the leader in 'Lunacy', and I would guess that it is only a fraction of a percent..

I like the idea of 'alternative energy sources' once they become a realistic alternative to conventional methods.
I would love to be able to have solar panels on my roof, or use geothermal techniques, if they were affordable alternatives, and could pay for themselves within 2 or three years

Raul Said:

What steps do I take to pursue a career in Solar & Wind Power installation?

We Answered:

A lot of builders do it as a side business in the state that I was from .

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