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Solar Power Home

Carlos Said:

How much will it cost to solar power my home.?

We Answered:

This source may help. If you want an off grid system where ALL your power ALWAYS comes from your own solar panels, then it will be EXTREMELY expensive. A better solution is to have a grid tied system, where you send extra power back to the grid during sunny days and take power from the grid at night. You can size the system to generate as much energy every year as you use. That is cheaper, but still out of most people's ability to pay, unless you are rich. It was over $25,000 for my house, so I didn't do it.

Alex Said:

How can I use Solar Power in my home?

We Answered:

Good luck without spending a fortune. 100 watt panel is over 400 bucks. inverter for a junk one is 50 (200 if its good) another 20-40 for a regulator, another 100-200 for some batterers.

You're looking at around 800 bucks for something that might power your tv for few hours each day.

At this points after you have all that all you do is wire it up.It's very easy.
Two wires comes from the panel into the regulator.
Two wires goes from the regulator to the battery.
Two wires from from the battery to the inverter.
Inverter powers what ever you want. Most time they come with normal ac plugs.

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