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Solar Power Home Systems

Clinton Said:

What type of solar power system will suit us best?

We Answered:

Count all the wattage and amps of the devices you will be using before you make any purchases. It will take many panels to get that kind of wattage, and as far as a power inverter, it should be one that shouldn't be pushed to it's limit but about half of it's output as far as wattage to prolong it's life. Remember inverters turn amps into high voltage which mean they will have a high draw from your batteries. You would be better to have an inverter for each device to avoid interrupting other devices running on inverters. You should have a backup charger for the night hours just in case your power goes down too low. Using a relay switch the AC power supply only comes on when the batteries get low by using the batteries to kick it on and off as needed. Much of this I built myself as well as the charge controller for my solar panels so I know what I have.
I use small cigarette hand help 75-100 watt inverters to run CFL bulbs individually which works out well. The light switch should be hooked along the 12v line to keep them from operating 24-7. They will work on cloudy days if you have enough panels to do so, but panels give only a small portion of what they could on cloudy days. I would use sealed led acid batteries that don't leak gasses if they are going to be in your home to avoid problems. I been using wheel chair batteries for my setup, and still going strong for a few years so far. They should be charged often or you may loose them. I also have a setup using a lawnmower engine using a car alternator for backup power if I ever do loose power that can operate TV's, lights, cordless phones as well. As far as heat I will be using the kitchen stove if I ever do loose power as we may if we get this ice storm they are talking about in Michigan.

Feel free to check my sight out on You tube for ideas if you like, hope I was able to help/

It would also be wise to have a volt meter to keep an eye on your batteries which I found on eBay like the one on my You tube video.

Cory Said:

I would like to install a solar system to power my pool pump? what would it cost here in Los Angeles?

We Answered:

Well, I'm sure it can be done. You really need to seek the assistance of a local electrician who is familiar with solar panel installations. Fortunately, there are plenty of local electrical contractors seeking to give free estimates with no obligation, and taking advantage of this is the consumer-smart way to go about finding an accurate answer to your question. It's important that you get a local estimate and not rely on guesses found here on Yah, as a lot of factors really bear on the cost of such a project, including the following: The cost of material and labor greatly varies by location.

If you negotiate well with the contractor and he buys the materials (E.G., the solar panels,) for you, you may try to have him pass the discounted cost of the materials to you, as usually contractors get discounts (called "contractor's discounts" / "contractor's price") when buying from home improvement stores because of the many purchases they make as required by their jobs; plus, of course, you'll be able to seek any rebates.

As I said, Free estimates from local electrical contractors are the key to your success in this home improvement project of yours. Here's a great link to a handyman site that offers free very resourceful information to assist you in determining the cost of your project, and, ultimately, selecting a local electrical contractor in an effort to get the best deal for you:


I'm sure you'll find the information you need, specifically the tips, useful as it relates to being treated fairly by contractors and exploring the consumer-wise approach of getting free written estimates to find the best contractor in your area.

While I know you have some knowledge already on solar panels given what you have installed so far, here's an incidental link to an article that talks about alternative energy, etc., that I thought might be useful:…

The Internet is what I use. I'm pretty knowledgeable about the Internet. I have a firm belief in helping people with what I know, including from my development of sites, such as the one cited above. Sharing really is caring, and I wish those who I help can reciprocate by sharing what they know.

Maria Said:

How can I engineer a system to power an air pump without home electricity available?

We Answered:

If the pump runs on 12V, a car battery would work. It might need to be recharged every week or two. For $200 you might be able to buy a 12V system, or maybe even a 120V system. Try northern tool.

Crystal Said:

solar power system of 20kva how much it will cost me?

We Answered:

kva (kilo-volt-amps) is a common way to specify power for large equipment such as air conditioners. It's roughly equivalent to kW, which is how photovoltaic systems are specified.

General advice is to spend your money on conservation, first. So super-insulate your house first, so that the air conditioners don't have to work so hard.

What you need to do is look in the phone book under "solar" and see if there are professional installers in your area. They will look at your power bills for the past year and determine what you need. There's a good chance that you don't need as much as you think. Also, whether solar makes sense depends on your location, because of sun, electricity price, and local rebates.

A large system will cost from $6 to $8 per watt, so a 20 kW system would be about $120,000 to $180,000, installed. Assuming you live in the US, you would get back a tax credit of 30% of that, and possibly more local rebates, depending on your state.

Our system is 3 kW, and supplies substantially all our electricity. It cost $12,000 net. But we have no air conditioners, only fans when it gets hot.

Lillian Said:

Details And Estimate for Solar power system?

We Answered:

Solar panel is too costly for to produce electricity for home,
Let s check according to your specification,
For Fan its 80W, so 5nos X 80W X 24hrs max = 9600W,
For Tube light its 80W, so 5nos X 40W X 24hrs max = 4800W,
So total 14400W means 14.4KW,
Max sunlight per day is 5 hrs, so 14400W/5 = 2280W/H solar panel required,
Solar cost again depends on supplier and country,
If you are in India, you may have to pay around 2 to 3 lacks to buy solar panel,
Solar life span is only 10 year and the efficiency may go down,

Ready to buy?

If not better go for windmill (if your is located in open or windy area)

Rachel Said:

I need some information on setting up a solar air condition.?

We Answered:

I did a solar air conditioner project when I lived in Phoenix AZ. I cooled my house for three years, but had to move to Oregon where the sun doesn't shine and it doesn't get hot.
My system was less than $3000, had only a couple moving parts, was automatic, low tech, etc.
The big problem was it was based on R12 which is considered by some lying SOBs to be not politically correct.
Butane would work just as good, but I wouldn't want it to escape into my house.
I did this in the 80s and There was so much big dollar competition based on plitics that I had to drop it
If you email me, I may find time to give you more info.
I can't afford to patent this, but it would be nice if it went somewhere.

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