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Solar Power For Your Home

Jerome Said:

Thinking of installing solar power for my house. What am I looking at cost-wise?

We Answered:

A roof filled with pv panels will run you about $30,000. If your state has good incentives, you will be looking at a total out of pocket cost of $15,000, with a pay back period of close to 20 years. If you want maximum benefits with solar panels, cover your roof with pv, and leave enough room for 3 solar thermal panels for domestic hot water and have a heating element installed to pre-heat your air for hot air heating.

A solar thermal system costs roughly $10,000 to install and payback is less than 10 years. Combine both of these and your about set. Unless you live on the coast, wind power is just about useless to you. But if you do live near the coast, you will need the wind power. Good luck

Eleanor Said:

Solar Power. Does it store energy? I don't really understand..?

We Answered:

Those solar gadgets store electricity because they contain batteries, not because they have solar panels. The panels are merely a device that converts light into electricity, the panels themselves don't store anything at all. Most solar-powered lights have a sensor (shielded so their own light can't be seen by the sensor) in them, that only switches them on when it's dark.

Wayne Said:

How do you cook an egg with only solar power? help me with my project!?

We Answered:

hey you can use a old metal box as metal heats up really fast
also try using a glass lid painted black which can be found second hand ofcourse
try wrapping the egg in a used al foil
guess you can take things from here ;)

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