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Solar Power For Residential Homes

Irene Said:

Are we ever going to see incentives, in Canada, for applications of residental renewable energy usage?

We Answered:

I'd love to see this sort of thing as well, however the costs are so prohibitive. I know you can request part of your energy consumption from this renewable resource, but it would be nice to be able to afford the technology to do it within ones home. Everyone has to do their part, and unfortunately we are approaching the point of no return w.r.t. global warming. Perhaps those that care just need to bite the bullet. That said i looked into solar awhile back, and it is just too much.

But to answer your question, I think we will see incentives at some point. At some point it will be irresponsible of any government not to protect the future of its citizens let alone the earth.

great question and i wish more people considered the earth more of a priority

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