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Solar Power For Homes Uk

Gladys Said:

Precautions to take for imminent solar storm? (Monday 20th by Greenwich midnight)?

We Answered:

You need to take no precautions because the storm was last Monday:…
Note the predicted time. Either storms regularly arrive on Mondays at 7.32 am. or someone's got their dates mixed up.
So - no widespread disruption on the planet, no power or satellite shutdowns. I bet you never even noticed it.
Take this sort of reporting with a pinch of salt in future. Reporters love to make a big deal about supposed threats from space.

Kathy Said:

Which countries do you think will reach targets for thr Kyoto Protocol?

We Answered:

Well, if we could even GET ON IT (US) that would be a miracle.

Marc Said:

You think Israel is a thrid world country?

We Answered:

Been to Israel. Obviously a well developed 1st world country.

3rd # of companies on the stock trade! It's the size of NJ & it's doing well.

Get styles before the US, to the point that I bought glasses there because the style I wanted hadn't come to the US yet.


This whole stolen myth is the lastest PA propaganda. Goes over better than the real concept of stolen, that the sniff, sniff whole middle east better be Arab Muslim ruled. Till '60's it was the JEWS who were called Palestinians, & the name Palsetinian was abhorred by the Arabs. There has NEVER been a Palestine there, since Israel was renamed that by Rome to humilate her on being conquerored.

Heather Said:

Super solar storm-2013?

We Answered:

The article I read stated that the sun was coming out of its sleep period and that we could expect solar flares that "could" cause more economic damage than Katrina. This was to happen within the next few years. It said damage could be prevented if the satellites were put in safe mode or something before the flares erupt.

I feel that if the government takes precautionary steps like they have been advised to do, and not just pooh pooh it all, like they are want to do, we should not feel the effects as much as we will if they sit back and do nothing. If that happens, then we have no one to blame but ourselves. 2012 is a big joke to some - but something is going to happen - what and to what extent has to be seen.

I feel - better safe than sorry. I'd rather be prepared and if nothing happens look the fool than be unprepared and then whine and cry like millions will when something happen. And, of course, it will be everyone elses fault rather than theirs for not believing.

Salvador Said:

Name for this political party?

We Answered:

Pretty unpleasant policies and very little substance. This sounds like a racists wish-list.
My take is you should seek a different use of your time.

Leah Said:

We Answered:

You need to arm yourself with the knowledge of how to drive traffic. (you could even use what you learn to turn around and sell your knowledge)

This guy knows traffic....

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