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James Said:

what do you think of this?

We Answered:

Wow- You are a really talented writer! I've corrected your grammar in top half for you. No time to do rest. Also see all caps question I inserted. Very good though!!

March 29, 2041, a day mourned by the entire world as the day that civilization crashed. Richard Müller was filling up his car at the gas station in Hamburg Germany -only the richest of people could afford to own a car with the price of petrol at ?354.27 a litre -when suddenly he noticed the pump go dry. Was this it? Had the oil reserves finally run out? The UAE claimed they had another years worth of oil! Richard knew, however, that statistics had misled him before. Richard was 27 years old and already a millionaire. He made his fortunes in property developing. He was lucky to be able to afford fuel at all. (HUH? WHY WOULD HE BE ABLE TO NOT AFFORD IF HE WAS A MILLIONAIRE?) Richard was a big man at 190 Centimetres and 100 kilograms of pure muscle; he knew that people would be coming for him, and he was ready for it.

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