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Solar Power For Homes Cost

Margaret Said:

solar power?

We Answered:

Expect to pay between 8K to 13K. It should pay for itself in about 4 to 8 years depending on what size of a system you use.

Jessie Said:

How much is it to put Solar power in ? and can you run appliances off of it?

We Answered:

Hi, I live in Montana, I and many others are off the grid. Some have feed backup and sell excess to the utilities but many are totally spearate.

The site you mention is great but represents a whole different world and standard of convienance and comfort than most Americans are accustom to.

Yes, you can build a nice hovel or hole in the ground with strawbale insulation and a level of solor power used in the one depicted for $6K (not including land costs) usd if you have the know how, desire and time to do it yourself. But all three of those componants are key.

Understanding the process right from choosing the right piece of ground is knowledge intensive. Ground stability, moisture content, dainage, compaction, sterilization, just to name a few are critical factors in that initial process.

Solar is the same, it is not all just buying some panels and sticking them up there. Solor design, passive, active and storage of produced engery are also knowledge intensive processes. Not that they are difficult to understand but they do take study and understanding or you are left to the designs of others and $$$ associated with them.

Each step of the building process is frought with decissions that will combine to make the project acceptable and livable to the occupant or not.

If you are truly serious about, undertaking an effort to become totaly self reliant, and understand what that means, then take the time to learn about the alternate building and living opportunites, their advantages and disadvantages.

While the website you cite is cute, and the group in the UK that is actually doing these projects is repuatible, the site doesn't tell the whole story. I know, I went there, I've saw some of their projects and other ecological living projects there.

The group is filled with very capable, well informed people, engineers, researchers, tradesmen, etc. that know their craft and have chosen to apply it in this manner.

It can be fun and very rewarding for the right sort, but for many it turns into their worst nightmare. Work toward it, learn study, practice on non critical structures. See the results of your effors and learn before striking out on your self relient adventure.

We love it and have most of the convienances of standard mid level homes in America. I an others built our place but that was after a 17 year career in realestate development. even then, I had a lot to learn.

Our home, buy the way cost over $500K in materials, and site work to achieve what I regard as comfortable off the grid living, but that is my standard. I know places here that do just fine and have under 10K invested.

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