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Solar Power For Home Use

Terrance Said:

Would using solar power help decrease global warming?

We Answered:

firstly, that reasoning isn't entirely correct. maybe if we covered the entire world with solar panels it would help, but remember that the sun is hitting the entire world, and the rays are being trapped by CO2.

the reason why people say solar panels may help global warming is that if people use that instead, then they will use less fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, etc. which cause the greenhouse effect.

however, i don't see this becoming a really plausible solution simply because of the fact that solar panels do not provide much energy, and are fairly expensive to install. The only way we can really slow down global warming is if we cut down our emissions by a large amount, which would require us to find another massive source of energy elsewhere. the only energy souce right now which can supply that much energy is nuclear energy, which would help global warming because nuclear energy is one of the cleanest and safest sources of energy, but the main problem is nuclear waste disposal, along with significant political roadblocks

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