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Solar Power Energy

Andrea Said:

How is solar power converted into thermal and electrical energy? See details?

We Answered:

Follow the link I will provide in the sources. It has a very detailed description on how thermal energy (photons) is converted into electrical energy.
Hope this helps

Victor Said:

What evidence is there that Solar power/energy is actually 'working'???

We Answered:

It is! The person who answered this question before me has provided some useful links.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) provided 1,00,000 solar cookers to people living in the Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs) and the initiative really worked!!

My friend has solar geysers installed at her place.
Another person I know has designed his house in such a way (a dome structure) that for the most part of the day he doesn't need to switch on the lights.

Sure, the solar cooker is affected by change in seasons, but for the major part, it is very helpful.
Good luck with your project!

Wallace Said:

How big of an impact solar power energy made on the environment?

We Answered:

solar power energy, provides all the energy required for all life on earth.without it we simply would never come to be here. the sun. If it stop shining on use we would all perish very quickly,,thats big.

Sherry Said:

is there grants to build solar power energy sell back grids?

We Answered:

For that much area, I think solar-thermal would be more cost effective. Hopefully, you could get the same grants or low-interest loans either way.

Solar-thermal makers:
has information about "incentives" in the United States.
covers incentives from the USDA

Maxine Said:

Where can a person find diagrams of Solar Power Energy configurations for a home?

We Answered:……

Jesus Said:

Solar Power Energy grants in Andalusia Spain.?

We Answered:

Hello, I saw your question while I was looking for information on solar power. I had solar powered water in a previous house and found I never ran out of hot water. The SUR has a good feature on solar power this week, here is the link if you don't have the paper.



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