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Solar Power At Home

Kent Said:

can solar power panels installed at home provide enough electricity to power house hold appliances?

We Answered:

They can but it takes a lot of panels. A home averages about 1 kw power. Peak power is higher (3-6 kw) but you can handle that with load leveling storage batteries.

The total maximum solar flux is about 1 kw/square yard (or square meter). Solar panels are around 10% efficient. Because the Sun travels across the sky, the overall power is about 1/2 this maximum but then ony during the day (1/2 the time). Since you need to recharge your batteries for nighttime, etc. and battery charging is about 50% you lose abother factor of two.

So, assuming the Sun shines every day, you can power your house on 80 square yards (700 square feet of solar panels). This is still very rare because the investment in solar panels, batteries, converters, etc. far outweighs what you spend for commercial electricity.

Marie Said:

Anyone currently using solar/wind power at home?

We Answered:

I installed a solar PV system this summer. I am still tied to the grid, so I don't store my power, but I am lucky to have a meter that runs backwards so my utility buys my unused power. We occasionally have rolling black outs on peak demand days when we get several days over 100 degrees. I shouldn't have to worry about power if we have a black out in my neighborhood during day light.

I paid $16K for my system and my utility paid $10K so the total system with installation was $26K. I will also get a $2K credit. The company I used had a licensed electrical and structural engineer, so I feel confident I won't have problems in the future.

I will add to my system in a few years when we get either plug in hybrids or electric cars. I will need to see what my usage will be to get a system to fit my demand. I will also be able to get another rebate when I install the additional system.

Since I only have a few months I can't say for sure what my savings will be. The proposal I received estimated I would be able to cut my usage by 33%, but so far I've seen about at 75% savings. I expect I will see it drop as the day light decreases, but I have much lower usage in the winter months as well. The proposal estimated a 6.5 year break even point. If that holds true and electric rates increase by 5% annually then I should save over $40K.

Shelly Said:

Pls introduce course/training abt how to setup Solar & Wind power at home?

We Answered:

did you check websites yet? have you checked schools yet?

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