Solar Pool Heating

Daisy Said:

What is the best solar heating blanket for pool?

We Answered:

I don't think there is to much of a difference between them. I got one at big lots for 30 dollars and it works well. it keeps the water warm and leaves out.

Shirley Said:

What temp can be reached from solar pool heating?

We Answered:

Solar Pool Heating can raise the pool temp around 15 degrees warmer than the air temp. It is very important when you are heating the pool to use a pool cover at night to prevent heat loss through evaporation.

You can see some solar pool heating kits at…

Kevin Said:

Solar Pool Heating, how long does it take for the water to start getting warmer.?

We Answered:

Seems odd, but it all depends on the size of the solar system and the volume of the pool (and whether things are working).
Can you feel the water entering from the solar system? Is it warmer than the pool water?
Maybe the pump needs to be primed. Who installed it?

Terrence Said:

do solar pool heating blankets actually work?

We Answered:

I used to have one where I used to live. And It worked very good.

But then we moved so we don't have the pool anymore.
But I would recommend buying one.

Lucy Said:

who makes the best solar pool heating systems?

We Answered:

Most of my neighbors use SolarDirect and are very happy. Checkout:

Lois Said:

how can i patch a pinhole leak in a fafco pool solar heating panel ?

We Answered:

Don`t bother, it won`t last. I tried everything to get mine patched. The only thing that worked for any length of time was when I took it to my local welding shop and they tig welded it. Mine was made of stainless steel, don`t know about yours. They upgraded the units to copper tubing which I have heard is much better, but I got rid of mine by that time.

Willie Said:

what is the start up cost for pool solar heating systems?

We Answered:

Most pool solar heating systems on the market are glorified black air mattress-like water bags that are plumbed directly to your existing pool plumbing. Basically, the sun heats the water filled bags (usually 4'x20' or similar size). For your pool size, one water bag should be enough.

You can lay them down anywhere but if they're going to be mounted on the roof you'll need the extra piping and pump power to pump water up to the height of the roof.

Keeping in mind that there are many different brands available, expect to pay about $600 for the water bag. If extra piping is required plus the professionals to plumb the heater into your existing system then you will be paying more for materials and labour (maybe $1000 more depending on how evil the installation is).

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