Solar Pool Heater

Kristen Said:

how can i build a solar swimming pool heater?

We Answered:

Why build when you can just buy and enjoy. This site can help you in choosing the right solar heating system for your swimming pool. Having serviced the swimming pool industry for 38 years, they can assist you what ever you need with regards to your swimming pool. You can also give them a call today with any questions you may have.

Manufactured by the premier company in the solar business (they have installed over 125,000 solar systems), these panels have been efficiently heating swimming pools since 1972. Solar Bear's surface is fully whetted by pool water insuring the most efficient panel available.

Vicki Said:

Has anyone made a solar pool heater out of pipe ?? did it work ?

We Answered:

Not personally, but I have a friend that did this. He ran the black tube to his roof and snaked it around up there. He said it was definitely worth the effort as he seldom had to run the heater.

Jeff Said:

Any ideas on building your own solar inground pool heater?

We Answered:

My parents had one growing up. Large aluminum sheet (like 10x15 with attached aluminum tubing running in a serpentine pattern top to bottom. Whole thing painted flat black. There was no pump, the input/output was plumbed into the existing filter lines, so the filter pump drove it. Basically the water was drawn in through the skimmer, went through the filter, out to the heater, back to the line feeding the jets and then out the jets to warm the pool.

Virgil Said:

does a solar pool heater work on a cloudy day?

We Answered:

Yes it would,yes but not as affective

Henry Said:

I own a Sun heater solar pool heater I feel it doesn't work as well as it should.?

We Answered:

Is you solar heater on a separate pump? If so, you can regulate it. If it's on the same pump as your filter, then you shouldn't slow the flow down unless you're going to let the pump run longer. It might also put a lot of stress on your pump. Here are some suggestions: Do you have a solar cover for your pool? A lot of heat is lost at night. Do you run your solar heat during the warmest part of the day? If you run your solar system when it's cloudy or cool outside, you'll actually cool your water instead of warming it. I'm not sure the NY area is a good place for solar heating. I hear a lot of people up north say they gave up on the solar and went to either gas or electric. Hope this helps.

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