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Solar Panels Systems

Wade Said:

How do solar panels and their battery backup systems work?

We Answered:

Solar panels have their own characteristics and generate current depending on the intensity of sunlight falling on them and not on the temperature. Direction of the panel also makes lots of difference. Nowadays very thin panels are available at very high cost. The more area a panel occupies it generates more current.

The current generated by a panel cannot be readily used since the current and voltage varies with the load connected to it. So normally a regulator is used to have constant voltage and constant current to come from the panel. This charges the battery.

You have to calculate the total/normal current from the charger and then find the AH of the battery. When you have calculated the AH of the panel/charger then you can divide the AH of the battery by the AH of the charger/panel and find out the time taken to fully charge the battery. You also have to remember that there is a de-rating factor to be taken into consideration in the battery.

Luis Said:

Solar Panels ????????

We Answered:

It means that it will deliver 100 watts of energy. Assuming correct voltages, etc. you could connect a 100W incandescent lamp and it will work just fine.
So it is the instantaneous output of the panel.
Storage is more typically measured in the watt/hour manner - identifying capacity rather than immediate availability. If you have 1000 watt/hours of stored energy then you can run your 100W lamp for 10 hours - or two 100W lamps for 5 hours. See? It's simple.

Sally Said:

what do i need to know when purchasing solar panels?

We Answered:

You need to talk with people who are already knowledgable in the field, and in the business of designing systems for a specific set of location, conditions, applications, and goals. Government incentives make a big difference in evaluating choices. Those vary widely by country and even state within country.

Jon Said:

Installing solar panels for a in ground pool?

We Answered:

here in nevada they are a huge thing. they actually work very well.

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