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Solar Panels Residential

Tiffany Said:

installing solar panels?

We Answered:

well social issues are weather ur nabours are going to think it maks the aerier look messy as thay do on Your roof so if you live in a old house this could spoil the essence of the house i don't think there will be any legal stuff environmental would be your saving Energy and decreasing the depletion of the ozone layer agent i dint no why their will be ethical issues but this could be some ONE disagreeing with you having them and the economical issues are how Much money you will save so if thay cost you 2000 to buy and fit and save you 200 pound a month thay will be more economical in 10 months hope this helps ow the only law you clould break is if you live in a listed buliding and dont ask for planing prmision but i thimk you still need planing premision

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