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Solar Panels Prices

Susan Said:

So now that China is aggressively manufacturing and subsidizing solar panels at much lower prices?

We Answered:

If you believe in green jobs, then put your money where your mouth is. Go buy their products or their stock. Nobody is stopping you, and you are free to convince as many people as you can to follow your example.

Liberty is great, it means you can do what you want, and use your money to back what you believe in. However, liberty also means that I have the same right, and I can choose not to support the things you do. Using my tax dollars to subsidize something you believe in is a heinous violation of my rights. China does not care about rights or liberty, Americans do (at least some of us). Nobody is stopping you from reaching in your pocket and subsidizing any industry you want. But reaching into MY pocket just makes you a thief.

Ella Said:

solar panels?

We Answered:

Here is a calculator to figure out how much solar panels will cost for your area. If I were you, I would wait a few years since solar panels are coming out that are much more efficient and create more power.
Solar Power Calculator:…

Information on nanotechnology in solar power:…

Carol Said:

How may solar panels/wind turbines may be made affordable?

We Answered:

economies of scale or mass production is the answer to just about any item being made it cars or computers or solar panels.

Now, how to get there is the question.....

market forces? as more people want a 'greener" product demand goes up quantity produced goes up unit price goes down....but that takes awhile....

government help ? subsidies...the US gov takes some of your tax money and makes it available as rebate to people putting panels/wind systems in their homes, and establishes policies to companies to take less taxes if they build wind/solar....

government orders: You MUST put in a solar panel ( or we'll send the Green Police to bust you)

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