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Solar Panels Home Installation

Samuel Said:

What is a roof pan, metal, plastic coating?

We Answered:

A roof pan is typically a custom fabricated metal flashing for walls, chimneys and other protrusions in the roof. It sounds like you saw a PVC coated aluminum. Pans are usually fabricated on-site to be sure of proper measurements. Home Depot does sell coiled aluminum sheet metal. However, you're probably going to need a metal brake to bend it into shape.

Good luck,

Esther Said:

Why aren't public schools powered by solar energy yet?

We Answered:

There are 3 main problems with solar energy:

* Cost. They are VERY expensive, and apparently 'not worth' investing money in. I can see how some people can say that, but I happen to think they are a very good cause ...

* Reliability. What happens when the sun don't shine (excuse my slang!)?? They stop working. Not too reliable, and though kids leave school WAY before it gets dark, the school world doesn't just disappear when the last teacher goes home.

* Efficiency. Though solar power is great, it has shockingly low efficency. That means that a lot of the power is 'lost', or converted into other forms of power such as heat, sound, kinetic etc. We are yet to create more efficient solar panels, but it's a hope for the future!!

Hope I helped
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Mabel Said:

How do I get a job in the solar panel industry in colorado?

We Answered:

Since no one here has offered a definite suggestion about how you can get a job, let me give you an idea. If you can do solar retrofit work, then you are in a good position to offer yourself as a subcontractor to roofing companies. They can sell upgrades on projects to include solar panels, and you would do the solar installation.

There may not yet be sufficient demand for a lot of non-specialist companies to hire a full-time solar installer. (I assume you know or can find the names of those companies that are strictly solar. The phone book or the Google and Yahoo search engines should give you a list very quickly.) But having an add-on business to their main lines of work might be a lot more appealing. It is a way they can keep sales to people who are already looking for solar, and they can up-sell to customers who are just energy or environmentally conscious. Even if each roofing company had only a couple of solar jobs a year, as a sub for several different companies, you could keep very busy at it. The fact that you have lots of experience as a roofer should also get you some points when making your pitch to roofing companies. You are not just some crunchy granola type; you are experienced in the business.

I hope this helps, and I wish you very good luck.

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