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Solar Panels Government

Deborah Said:

I think the government should manufacture solar panels. Do you agree?

We Answered:

That's actually not such a great idea for these reasons:

After the regular lifetime of solar panels, about 20-25 years old, you have to throw them away and replace them. This would generate a highly contaminating waste because solar panels contains silicon which is really bad for the environment.
The other less contaminating component to manufacture solar panels is cadmium, that would be dangerous for those who deal with it in factories because cadmium can cause cancer due to its radiation...

Renee Said:

Is there any kind of government funding for getting solar panels for my home?

We Answered:

This depends 100% on the state that you live in. Several states are providing generous subsidies that cover large portions of the cost to install solar energy, or any other renewable energy projects to your home or business. California is the leader in this area but many other western states have good programs also. Check out this site...

Good luck going green!

Clifford Said:

Should the government enslave polluters to build hybrid cars and solar panels?

We Answered:

Um, no.

Regina Said:

Will government buildings install solar panels and wind turbines?

We Answered:

I certainly hope so; where weather conditions make those solutions economically feasible.

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