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Solar Panels For Rv

Elsie Said:

how many watts/volts does a RV camper use in 1 day?

We Answered:

It will depend on what appliances you have running.
You're not going to run any 110VAC devices are you?
Forget about trying to run an air-conditioner.

Frankly, I'd just worry about the 12V circuitry.
Add up the watts of all the bulbs you have.
That's the built-in low-voltage lighting.
Just use the solar panel to re-charge the batteries.
Run your furnace, frig. & stove on propane of course.

Sharon Said:

Can I safely charge an auxiliary RV battery using the alternator and a solar panel at the same time?

We Answered:

I would isolate the solar panel from the battery with diodes to keep any current from the charging system harming it.

Ernest Said:

What do I look for in a solar powered battery charger for a 12 volt RV battery? Size, Amp? or watts?

We Answered:

You can find what you are looking for from Northern Tool and Equipment.
There web site is Northern

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