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Solar Panels For House

Glenn Said:

Can solar panels on the house roof work well in the north of England and if so, any idea of costs?

We Answered:

In my opinion you would be better at looking to solar to provide your hot water only. Then look at other ways to heat your home. Ensure that you insulate well before you do anything otherwise you are throwing your money away.

The cost is all in the installation. Installation is easy if you are good at DIY.

You can get grants check your suppliers are on the ClearSkies register.…

Cost totally depends on what you chose and whether or not your install it yourself. Using solar for hot water only is the most cost efficient way in my opinion.

EDIT: To install solar yourself you need to apply for building regulations from your council ring the Building Control department you can often do it by phone now and pay by Debit card. You pay a small fee, they come down visit the site, check the system is ok then sign it off when it has been completed. Easy as that.

Loretta Said:

Solar Panel House?

We Answered:

Where can we get the solar panels? I think you will have to buy it on Ebay Solar Panels can be used to heat water and heaters.
When you get the solar panels, they should be in the direction that the sun rises in your country. They should be allowed to come into direct contact with sunlight for most of the day in order for the solar panels to be used to its max.

Darlene Said:

Solar panels on House vs Hybrid auto - Which does more for the envirornment?

We Answered:

Solar panels and Hybrid both help our environment by either not using energy, creating energy, or using drastically less energy.

Using both would be a great way to help the environment, but you have to consider where you are the most; in your car, or at your home? If you're mostly on the road, then you would probably prefer Hybrid. But if you're mostly at home, then Solar panels.

Me personally; I would choose Solar panels. Just because you then become energy independent in your home, and you don't have to deal with a huge electric bill. The thing about it is that they're awfully expensive.

But if you choose using the Hybrid, I would also recommend you look around at other alternatives. Yes, Hybrid is a great way to go, but it still uses gas. No, not as much as regular cars, but in the end, it will still produce the same amount of CO2 and global warming pollution. Try finding a diesel car and use biodiesel or vegetable oil to help fuel your car. Biodiesel doesn't contribute to the global warming problem, and vegetable oil only spins around the CO2 that's already in the air.

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