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Solar Panels For Homes

Ken Said:

Why aren't more new homes built with Solar Panels?

We Answered:

Some countries are doing this now but in the US where home prices are at a premium most home buyers would rather have another bedroom or bathroom than solar panels.

The incentives aren't really the great. 30% rebate on a $40,000 system still comes to $28,000.

The electric companies don't actually "buy back" the excess power you make, they store it for you so you can use it at night or cloudy days. Anything you don't use is free power for your electric company to sell to someone else. You can't build your own solar elecrticity farm and make money.

Leslie Said:

Solar Panels?

We Answered:

depending on how many you are going to use--if you have more than enough to run your home -- you can sell the rest to the elec co. I seen on tv where folks had roof panels and his elec bill sometimes paid him--mostly was 0-30 $ a mo he had approx 12 panels

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