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Solar Panels For Business

Deborah Said:

How many kilo-watts can a typical solar panel produce in an hour?

We Answered:

You measure electrical energy in kilo-watt-hours. So for example, you might pay the power company $.14 per kilo-watt-hour.

A typical panal might put out 100watts. So if you had 10 hours of sun, you could generate 1 killowatthour of energy in a day, worth about 14 cents.

Jeanette Said:

Should I buy solar panels?

We Answered:

Probably, however, depending on what your business does, solar panels can be a somewhat effective marketing strategy. Also you are helping the environment with your investment in solar panels.

On a side note, I didn't think modern solar panels had a payback period of 18 years? From what I've heard it's more like 7 years. Oh well, I don't know much about this topic.

Felix Said:

Looking for a business partner or someone to talk business with.?

We Answered:


Erin Said:

I am entrepreneur looking for opportunities to start a business selling solar panels, any advise is great.?

We Answered:

contact SCORE they are REALLY great!

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