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Solar Panel Prices

Lillie Said:

How much solar panel would be needed to power a large house?

We Answered:

There are a lot of factors to consider, like how much sun your area gets, how much energy your home consumes, etc.

I did a rough calculation yesterday that for my home, I would need to cover about one-fifth of my roof area with solar panels to provide most of my home energy needs. I have a 1,200 square foot home which consumes about 3,000 kWh per year of energy, and I live in a pretty sunny area (north-central California).

Fred Said:

can anyone who lives near a solar panel farm give details of how their lives are affected by the developement?

We Answered:

I live right next to a wind farm thats quiet and its brilliant, they also have lovely plants surrounding them, erm, I believe it would be similar to a solar farm, my friend in Kansas lives next to one, and house prices rose 0.7%, hardly anything and it has lowered his electricity bill incredibally, also vegetation hasnt lowered or increased its remained the same.


Tony Said:

Solar Panel to give a plug i heater(s) energy during winter?

We Answered:

It would require a very large very expensive panel to do this.

Discuss It!

Joseph Davis said:

I have an almost similar house when it comes to base square foot, but unfortunately I am not from California and therefore I am afraid that I would require more solar panels. Why? Simply because we don't have so many sunny days here. I would probably require 1/3 more solar panels.

buy assignments online uk said:

I myself am planning on installing in my home a solar panel. I want a plant large enough to handle around 50KWH of daily units and I'm hoping that it can provide around 30KWH of that when there's no sunshine. The battery needs to be large enough, any quotes?

denver granite remnants said:

Well solar panels itself comes in different sizes and prices. I think the best you can go for is the giants one. I hope you share more about these too, really hope you keep me updated with more mate.

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