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Solar Panel Home

Samantha Said:

has anybody actually installed a solar panel in their home?

We Answered:

I assume you want to generate a portion of your energy needs, not the whole thing. You can start with a small grid tied system for under $4000. However, depending on your usage and where you are, it may only produce a tiny percentage of what you buy. Take a look at this small package at…

Grab your electric bill and see how many kilowatt hours, or kWh you buy a month. A small system like this one may only produce about 25kwh a month. See if that's enough to accomplish what you want to do.

Before you look into solar, you should do everything you can to reduce your electric bill first. For every $1 you spend reducing your usage, that's worth about $4 of solar panels.

You can also look into solar water heating, that's a great way to reduce your energy usage and go solar, but not solar electric. You just use the heat of the sun to provide you with free hot water!…

Allen Said:

Can A Home Owned Solar Panel Support The Entire House's Electrical Needs?

We Answered:

It all depends on how you define 'needs'. Could you have enough lighting and enough power to keep the fridge running? Easy that. A passive solar water heater would produce enough hot water for showers and cleaning, no problem there. If the majority of the folks now living on this planet had all that they'd be dancing in the streets. Heating and air conditioning is another subject. Both of these are energy hogs so they require an entirely different approach that at the current state of the art is beyond the average homeowners ability. If cities, counties and states demanded that all homes have solar water heaters and solar panels a whale of a lot of electricity could be generated on site. Expensive? True, but for a century state and local governments have demanded that every home must have electricity, running water and flush toilets. I imagine when those rules were set there were 'teabaggers' who complained that 'government' had no right to demand such an imposition'. Yeah, the government does have that right so lets move past that. As a nation we're going to have to set some priorities, priorities that insist on the 'greatest good for the greatest number'. Burning coal and oil and also wasting electricity on outdoor advertising signs, excessive lighting and mal-insulated buildings can't continue. Such things as single pane windows are going to have to go as will the will the 150 year old incandescent light hogs in general will have to go. The US will have to move as rapidly as possible to public utilities that produce electric power via solar and wind. Private energy companies who have deals with coal producers simply aren't going to fold up their coal burning electrical plants on their own. The government is going to have to shut them down. Tax money, instead of paying for a bloated military should be used to build a 21st century electrical grid based on solar and wind to take care of the electric overload that homes and business can't produce on their own. All other electrical needs can be produced by conventional power as stand by units. Tax breaks and subsidies and direct cash grants could make this happen. We did far more than that in WW2 in less than a years time. Very doable technically...politically, that's a different story!

Violet Said:

How can i build a large solar panel for my home in country like Pakistan?

We Answered:

you do google search and contact the companies which manufactures solar panel..or contact an expert in this field..

Freddie Said:

Need solar panel Inverter for my home where can i get them in chennai or india?

We Answered:

Solar inverter and UPS.…

NEPC India Limited
Corporate Office - Chennai
35, Wallajah Road,
Tel: +91 44 28412038 / 28524541 / 28525041 / 28525562 / 28549272 / 28586812 / 28586813
Fax: +91 44 2852 4709
Email: /

Bernice Said:

How can i build solar panel in home?

We Answered:

The people that are claiming its difficult are refering to building one from scrap. I recently put up a few small ones and will be covering my roof next summer because I'm very satisfied. I used the designs from and it was fairly simple. Basically it gives you sources for all the cheapest parts and an easy design, you assemble and save a ton of money.

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