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Solar Panel Government

Victoria Said:

What do you think of the Chinese government heavily subsidizing solar panel manufacturing?

We Answered:

I think they feel certain that a whole bunch of stupid Americans will run out and waste good money on crappy Chinese made solar panels.

Tyrone Said:

is there a government sponsored solar panel trial program for people who would like to participate(small scale

We Answered:

Nope. My sister had a $65,000 ($45,000 with tax breaks) system installed in her home in San Diego.

I did the math and pointed out that the system will never produce $45,000 worth of electricity during its expected lifetime.

Kent Said:

Which country's government awards its citizens for using the solar panel?

We Answered:


Arnold Said:

Idea for all what if the Government Funded supplies for everyone to make there very own solar Panel ?

We Answered:

If solar panels ever become so easy to make that anyone can do it at home, given the materials, I don't think Government funding will be necessary.

The problem is that with present technology, there isn't a way to produce quality panels. I wouldn't mind if that changes though - and there's always hope with technology. It used to cost a million dollars for an MPEG encoder to put a movie onto DVD, now anyone can do it with a PC.

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