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Solar Panel For Home Use

Jesus Said:

I am looking for a solar panel that I want to set up for my home electric, is it okay for self making?

We Answered:

Good you take the first step to environment save, suggest you to visit some solar panels provider for more information.

Jennifer Said:

how we can make the electicity that came from solar panel useful for daily use at home?

We Answered:

Most people are using a grid-tied inverter. The inverter converts DC solar panel output to AC power at line voltage and frequency. Grid-tied inverters can be connected directly to your normal house wiring and can send any extra power you generate during the day out into the grid for other people to use. When that happens your electrical meter spins backwards so you get credit for generating extra power. Then at night or when it is cloudy you use grid power just like normal. That system is more efficient and cheaper than batteries. However, during a power failure your solar system will also shut down to prevent the danger of your system trying to power the grid and possibly electrocuting someone servicing the utility's system.

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