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Solar Homes For Sale

Kathy Said:

Has anyone seen these types of screens on the windows of houses in NY?

We Answered:

I have seen a similar product here in San Diego. Hard to break into? Doubtful. But they do offer a minimal improvement for energy savings.

Cheryl Said:

has anyone saw a Business in NY that does sales for solar screens like these on this link?

We Answered:

Hey cute, I understand that you are concern about your electric bill. Few months ago, a friend of mine told me how he saves on his electricity at his home and business. I followed his advice and now I save almost $30.00 every month. The best part is that it is FREE. You don't have to install anything and it takes 3 minutes to start saving money. Maybe this is something you'd like to take an advantage of.

Delores Said:

Where can i find a stirling engine who can generate more than 10 Kw for sale ?

We Answered:

I have, for several years, been looking for an Stirling engine like the one you you mention, buy I have had no luck. I have beeen thinking in making my own wind (turbine) motor, 9 meters diameter, and move with it a big size oil pump, to use power.

Gene Said:

Can you tell me where to get started?

We Answered:

It's awesome that you want to move into a greener life style. Education is the key to offering a successful green consulting service. There are many free online resources to accumulate the needed knowledge. I also suggest some hands on learning as well. I offer an on-site workshop on my 100% Off the Grid / Alternative Energy / Green run Ranch to help people make the green conversion. I charge nothing for it, it's just a way to educate the people on eco friendly living. For more info check

I also offer many guides on various How to DIY Green projects such as "solar electricity generation, solar thermal transfer and rainwater and HVAC condensation reclamation." and mroe at

Hope this helped, I wish you all the luck,

Dan Martin
Retired Boeing Engineer now living 100% Off-the-Grid with my family, using Alternative Energy & loving every minute.
for more info visit

Mark Said:

HELP! Why was my land for sale ad pulled off of Craig's List? Am I a SPAMMER?

We Answered:

I suspect the issue is with your link, most people see a link (particularly one as suspicious as yours sounds) and report it as spam.

Just get what you pay for on craigs list.

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