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Solar Homes Canada

Charlene Said:

solar energy question!?

We Answered:

Depending upon the size of your home, it could cost as much as $50,000 to convert all of your home energy needs over to solar. As a result, you will need to live in the home for many years before it pays you back. There are govt rebates, but not enough to put a significant dent in your investment. You can get away with it if you are living in an area where people are LOOKING for green Seattle

Sam Said:

Solar Energy Question!!?

We Answered:

In all honesty if you completely switched to your own solar power you wouldn't pay a die because you would be off the grid. The only thing you would have to pay is for the panels themselves, which can be expensive. The only problem that could surface is if you don't live in a relatively sunny area, then you couldn't run entirely off solar power so you would have to do a mix of gridded power and independent power. It is a very good idea if you can afford it and the conditions are right.

Max Said:

Home Depot Canada has done a solar panel install @ their Woodbridge ON store; has anyone seen it?

We Answered:

solar power is on its way to being in everyhome and business soon.

The stats on this is wonderful. Where I work sell a product called DuCool and it reduces energy costs too. Its not Green Power but is is better than whats being used as of today.

Hopefully with Green minded folks our childrens children with still have an earth to play on.

Allen Said:

Please help me with these 10 science questions about auroras!!! 10 POINTS???!!!! THANKSSS?

We Answered:

1.) What is the importance of solar cells?
Solar cells convert solar energy into electricity.

2.) What is one of the most important uses of solar cells?
Powering space vehicles

3.) How is solar energy collected on earth satellites?
Solar cells convert solar energy into electricity to charge batteries.

4.) What do you think might be some of the most important problems that could be encountered when using solar cells in outer space?
There is not enough concentrated sunlight in outer space to power the cells.

5.) Why would there be few solar heated homes in Canada, but many in Florida?
In winter Canada has very long nights and the sun is not out.

6.) How do solar flares and sunspots affect the earth?
both 1 and 2

7.) Why do sunspots appear as darker spots on the surface of the sun?
They are cooler than the surrounding areas.

8.) Explain the existence of the magnetosphere.
Charged particles form a belt of radiation.

9.) Which of the following accurately describes sunspots?
They are storms of swirling electrically charged gases on the surface of the sun.

10.) Which of the following statements correctly describes sunspots and solar flares?
all of the above

Isaac Said:

science help anyone pleaase?

We Answered:

okay kid...i'll tell but u must research them....
4.idk . :)
8.not sure ..i think 1

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