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Solar Home Lights

Stephen Said:

solar lights for home use .?

We Answered:

its very good bcause u can save money and energy too. there are so many things that could wprk with solar power like .solar water heater,lights,cooking range ,and most of the electrically worgking articles. in india these things get in a very cheaper rates without any dought in their qualities.

Margaret Said:

ok, let me make it clearer, what light can you use to charge solar lights? Besides the sun.?

We Answered:

depends on the tech of the power cells.

I'd suggest something like a "warm" bulb rather than a "cool" bulb (more orange light than blue) and around the range of 80 - 100 watts.

sorry but CFL bulbs don't really do the job, I can't even run a calculator under them (but they are only 4 watts)

(you might be referring to full spectrum CFLs, but I still think the wattage of those are still going to be pretty low)

Cindy Said:

Do solar lights for the outside home really work and do they last?

We Answered:

Solar light are a waste of your hard earned money.Just go with the 12volt lighting systems and you will be better off. The cost of a nice 12 volt is a little high if you go with the metal fixtures but in the long run less down time if a bulb goes out or transformer goes out..I have had a 12 volt metal fixtures for 9 years and love them..

Alexander Said:

how many have solar powered lights at home,and think that people....?

We Answered:

I have several solar powered lights at home (outdoor ones) but I don't have any indoor ones. I think it's a great idea though. Any little thing that helps to save environment will pay off in the long run.

Jeff Said:

How much money can be saved by solar lighting kit for home in india?

We Answered:

The saving depends on the electricity tariff in your area.
Considering as Rs. 4 per KWh you are spending around Rs. 80 / = per month on your tube light.
You change the tube to CFL and your monthly expenses will be around Rs. 35 / =
Further reduction possible if you go for LED bulbs.
If you want further saving try solar lanterns

Elizabeth Said:

what will be the cost to install solar lights in home ?

We Answered:


Michele Said:

solar LED home lighting?

We Answered:

there are lot of govt. approved solar light/ pannel dealers in your city, see telephone directory and contact them, they will help you for home lighting of your requirement and cost. they will also help you in arranging loan of minimal interest from govt. agencies for this purpose.

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