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Solar Home Light

Pearl Said:

can anybody tell me information about solar home light system . Is there any subsidy by maharashtra govt.? wha

We Answered:

I have a solar home.
solar panels, inverter, deep cycle batteries, generator and several charges.

No subsidy but, the hydro bill is nice and low and the good feeling you get when a power outage happens and you are still up and running :)

Tracey Said:

Can Solar panels absorb the light from indoor lights like they do from the sun?

We Answered:

Yes, but not nearly as much. Your plan may be quite satisfactory, since you probably want the light for only a few hours rather than all night. A good solution is to move the lamp into the sunlight every morning and return it to your aquarium when you want the moonlight effect. You'll probably need to cover up the solar cell at that time. It will probably detect enough ambient light so it doesn't power up the LED, but not enough to charge the battery.

Nina Said:

Making of Solar light inside home.?

We Answered:

Cut a hole in the roof and install a skylight. (also called roof window).


Darlene Said:

how can i set up a solar panel just to power a couple of light globes in my home?

We Answered:

Depending on your knowledge you may buy a kit and observe the parameters.
You will need about 25 square inch per watt
You may need a battery to store the energy
You will have to calculate the size based on your requirements target.

You have to engineer the whole thing; it is fun and very educative.
Autoparts and camping stores have small affordable panels.

Electronic stores have the rest.

Or you can buy a small solar lantern take it appart and reverse engineere-it!

Hope this properly answers your question


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